Heirloom Fire delivers remarkable and one of a kind events consistently exceeding our clients expectations. Some of our most recent feedback. 


Heirloom Fire Catering Reviews
Heirloom Fire Catering Reviews

I can't even begin to explain the feeling you created with your food.


You guys were able to physically manifeste the feeling of love through your taste, vibe, feel, attention to detail and  logistics. You created a magical experience that I didnt even know could exist on this planet. It's hard to describe, Lisa and myself and all our guests didn't even know they could have that experience in life because it didn't exist in their brian before this past weekend. You just can't describe it. Its a feeling that you invented. 


Imagine that same night with the same people, place, colors, decorations....but a plated dinner with lobster and filet mingnon. It would have been awesome....but not even close to what you presented. 


We started in the garden, rolled into the porch, then onto the lawn, then back to the barn, and then to the after party....there was a little bit of Heirloom fire at each touch point...and thats what made it so magical. 

EZ, Bennington, VT

Bennington VT

Jim Gop and his delightful team were a pleasure to work with. The high level of impeccable customer service and attention to detail is unmatched by others in the industry. Magdalena Events and Heirloom Fire worked seamlessly together to make our wedding nothing short of spectacular. Their unique presentation and cooking style enamored all of our guests. The high quality seasonal, local, and organic ingredients they chose, combined with their culinary expertise, wowed even the most particular and sophisticated New York City foodies. The day of our wedding, the vibe their whole team emanated was positive and bright. They went above and beyond with every detail, which allowed us to simply relax and enjoy the day. Heirloom Fire provided an amazing experience in every way, shape, and form, and I recommend them with flying colors!

Stanfordville, NY

Heirloom Fire lived up to all my expectations!! They were very professional, set up the event beautifully, and the food was delicious!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone!!

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