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S O U S  C H E F


There is no shortage of great food establishments to work in right now. Here are a 

few reasons that we hope distinguish Heirloom Fire as an equally great place to

work. Please consider joining in kitchen, full time for the summer. 


We are committed to a quality of life and a living wage.

I have worked to create a healthy environment in our kitchen where we support one another with praise and happiness. A negative kitchen will not be tolerated and 





Weds - Sunday 

Onsite events: Saturday 

OFF: Monday - Tuesday 

Compensation: Salary; 55K/YR, weekly pay plus $100 tip per event 

50 +  hours per week (in season) 

40 - 45 Off Season 


Kitchen Tasks 


  • Create standard prep and order lists for the week’s events 

  •  Participate in all preparation for weekly events and ensure items are labeled, dated and organized. 

  • Receive and unpack weekly food orders, and maintain overall organization and cleanliness of reach in and walk in coolers.

  • Aid in pre-event load up of event specific gear and produce, some items can be up to 75lbs.

  • Facilitate the production of stocks from post event bones and uses for other repurposable food scraps.

  • Assist in butchery and charcuterie, Wild food and standard pantry item processing

  • Obtain an understanding of all pack up, prep and loading procedures to be able to delegate jobs to kitchen staff such as: 

    • load rolling racks with items needed for each event 

    • Clean and replenish items in trunks 

    • Sunday clean up 


  • Aid in inventory maintenance and communicate when items need to be re-ordered. Oversight on product quality and addressing before product loss occurs. 

  • Maintain and enforce cleanliness standards in the kitchen, especially after Sunday clean up. 


On-site Responsibilities


1.) Arrive at the shop in the morning and assist with any last minute load up items and go over the final checklist. Be present while driving in the truck. 


2.) Work Closely with James to ensure the day of prep is executed with attention to detail and ready on time.


3). Assist in loading the truck in a systematic order.


3.) End of the evening, return to the shop and assist in bringing the “good food cooler”, bones and Pig Scraps in the shop in the walk-in. 


4.) Drive a secondary truck if it is necessary for the event. 

Post Event Responsibilities on Tuesday


  1. Process event scraps into usable food products and reset the kitchen for work. 

  2. Process wild edibles into usable food product 

  3. Process bones into stock. 

  4. Take Inventory of leftovers and repurpose to eliminate waste. 

  5. Help finish any post event dishes and reset kitchen back to order.


Off Season Duties 


Aid in any repairs and maintenance for gear items 

Help Sow Spring seeds and Tend to crops when necessary. 

Aid in Tapping Maple Trees 

Butcher and cure whole pigs for charcuterie 

Execute tastings menu for wedding clients 

Cost out menu items to see where we can be more efficient. 


413 329 6522



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