That About Covers It.

A question when talking to clients about menus is their concern for their vegetable loving friends and making sure that they will have a proper meal.

Though Heirloom Fire does cook whole animals and larger portions of meat, we actually love cooking vegetables as well. Really, there is something so special about using the first of season crisp, sweet and bitter lettuce that was just washed with cool water or juicy, bright heirloom tomatoes in mid August, warmed slightly in the sun.

We also love working with grains and cover crops. ‘

When Heirloom Fire cooks for events, we will often cook a hearty starch dish in the style of Risotto; This usually becomes a main course for vegetarians.

Besides enjoying the full flavor of these grains and other legumes, we actually cook with them for purpose.

In a nutshell, the reason cover crops such as barely, oats, rye and buckwheat as well as legumes like kidney beans and other bush beans are important is that they put nutrition back into the soil and help suppress weeds for the next seasons growth.