Don't Be Crazy

You are getting married! Congratulations! Lord have mercy on Pinterest’s soul! Every night until you emphatically announce, “I do”, you will dig deep into every detail and focus on planning the most epic wedding ever - yours. You will find an epic band that will have you dancing until the sun rises, you will hire the most epic caterer that will cook a feast like never seen before (us, but duh) and, ah yes, the venue - the views will be something that has came to life from a painting.

Sound about right?

Great, simple! Check a few pictures, pin a few boards, make a few phone calls, sign some checks and viola, instant wedding before the end of the week.

If only it were that easy. Truth is, its just not as simple as it may seem. People are people; one phone call should be all it takes and your sought after vendor should call you right back, lock in your date and be ready to go come next year and perform like you are their only event of the decade. However, often is the case that these folks are busy behind the curtain and juggling serval dates. Sometimes getting back to you right away can prove challenging. Much is the case of all of the vendors for your wedding, some might not even call you back at all.

At first, you have this exhilarating energy that fuels your late nights after work planning and emailing, having phone calls on your break and then the idea of how much this is REALLY going to cost sets in and thoughts of pushing this off to next year might seem like the most logical choice. You continue to push forward because your friend planned their own wedding and everything turned out great.