Into The Wild

The launch of Heirloom Fire was a dinner in partnership with Magdalena Events and Design, set in the middle of a farm, in the heat of the summer. To this day that is one of my favorite events we have done. Granted, there were many elements of that night that we could never replicate even if we tried, and mother nature seemed to be pulling for us. The dinner took place in the fields of Taft Farms, located in The Berkshires. The menu consisted of dishes crafted from what was available from the farm and also showcased mutton from Lila Berle, a well known lamb farmer in the area. Later in the evening, a nearby ski resort was having a summer festival which concluded with a fireworks show, that we watched from the quiet of our tables. Also, this evening had blessed us with a Super Moon. These are all obvious elements that we could never recreate, and was like capturing lighting in a bottle. All of our guests from that night, four years ago, will stop us in the street to recall what a memorable evening that was.

Needless to say, this was an invigorating experience. We decided that we wanted to hold one public event a year. We wanted to give those not on the wedding guest list, the opportunity to experience an Heirloom Fire event. The following year we held two dinners, one at Mill River Farm and the other a collaborative wine dinner at Crested Hen Farm with award winning sommelier, Victoria James.