We Got Wild

I love what I do. It’s truly a dream come true to have the fortune of being selected to prepare a meal to the best of my ability, for someone on the day that they will cherish for the rest of their life. To be able to have done this for several years and for years to come, is time very well spent.

All that being said, once a year we love to take all of the ideas that we have been dreaming about, and start to develop something very special; a dinner of our own.

A wedding planner friend of mine, Magdalena, and I had been doing annual dinners for a few years at local farms in The Berkshires, and with great success but due to sudden growths in both of our businesses, we had to hit pause for a year.

Late last season we decided that we really wanted to produce another event that was our own. There is only so much time in the off season, and so many beautiful locations to scout, though when we found Gather Greene, we knew we hit gold.

Amna and Jackie, the owners of Gather Greene, had big plans for this former shale quarry. When we went for our first site visit, they had 17 tiny cabins on order, and were just finishing up their grand pavilion. Once we walked the property we knew that this was it. In our heads we mapped out an idea of what the flow for the event would be. The evening would start with an unconventional cocktail hour which would take you on a trip through the woods, ultimately leading you to the “dining room,” which would wrap around the quarry.

We ended up doing two more visits so we could fully grasp the conditions in summer. The day before the dinner, we blazed a trail through the woods with chainsaws, built a canopy from spruce branches, and laid the groundwork for the dinner the next day.