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B U Y  O U T S

Heirloom Fire Private Events, Outdoor parties, customized menus, fire pit, family-style dining, rustic ambiance, intimate gatherings, themed events, rustic decor, farm-to-table dining. Buy Outs: Exclusive use, private parties, corporate events, weddings, culinary retreats, product launches, team building. Anniversary Dinner: Romantic setting, farm-to-table dining, organic cuisine, personal chef, multi-course meals, wine pairing, candlelit dining. Small Parties: Intimate gatherings, family celebrations, milestone events, custom menus, cozy ambiance, outdoor settings, small weddings, birthday celebrations.



Rent out our tasting room for a private party. 

Want to attend an experiential dinner prepared by James Gop + his team but didnt buy the tickets on time or have a scheduling conflict? Rent the tasting room out for a dinner of 8-10 people. 

James and his team will work to build a custom dining experience for you and your guests. Click the contact button below to start the conversation. 

24 Person Max


Public events come in many forms from Heirloom Fire. To larger dinners in unconventional spaces, to smaller intimate dinners at our tasting room, these imaginative dinners allow James and his team to dive deep down the rabbit hole and craft something truly unique. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we release our next event. 


P A S T  E V E N T S 



Want to learn how Heirloom Fire prepares some of their signature dishes, learn what edible plants and herbs are growing freely on your property, or learn how to cook a live-fire dinner party for guests at your house and than host it?


We have a class for that. 

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