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The Conclusion

As one chapter closes, another begins.

As we gear up for another busy season I find myself reflecting on how much fun this past winter was. For those of you who did not attend, we hosted two dinner series at the Heirloom Fire HQ this winter. These 24 person dinners filled both my team and I with a well of inspiration. Not only was it something to do in the colder months, it was something we could pour ourselves into and really play with the space and its potential. The team and I played with surround sound design, ambient temperature and lighting. From the guests perspective not only was it a fun menu, but the format of sitting at a large family style table gave the guests an experience of meeting new people that became friends at the end; a journey well spent and taken together.


Wild land was a four course meal featuring the bounty of The Berkshires in the winter months - which is to say very little. I have always been inspired by NOMA in Copenhagen and just how hyper focused on the locale their take on their menu is. Ever evolving, NOMA had recently dedicated their restaurant to specific seasons. After the world opened up again in early 2021, NOMA had announced their "Game Season". Naturally, the tickets sold out in minutes. Bummed but determined,I thought to myself, "well, if I cant experience NOMAS' game menu, I'll just have to make my own". So, thats exactly what we did.

This experience was a 4 course meal and featured our lakes, our wetlands, woodlands and what makes all of our food possible, honey bees. The guest enjoyed the evening up the night sky (projected onto the ceiling, of course).



FOUR was (to date) my favorite event we have done. Four was inspired by a concept that I have been thinking about for years and is the first step in actualizing what that event could be. This dinner looked at the four seasons in twelve courses. Each course had a centerpiece that was meant to be enjoyed as a table, a main course and 2 -3 one biters.

Upon entering, the guests were given a berry pint that contained tools that they would use with the meal for the evening along with an interactive seed packet that contained their menu, and courses that were cranked and rose from the center of the table.


With so many fun experiences and dishes we thought about during the conception stage of these evenings, we are eager to create more of these dinners. Dinners that are interactive and educational with a playful flair, dinners based on a place in time, a movie or show, or perhaps the story of a couples relationship told through food experiences for an anniversary. If any of these types of dining experiences appeal to you or tick your creative side, please do let us know and let's brainstorm on creating a one of a kind dinner.



This July we will be heading to Delaware for a magical, open fire dinner at Brittingham Farms. Mark your calendars and plan your escape. Details to follow soon!

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