Wedding Planning: They Proposed, Now What?

Okay -

It’s been months of that knot in your stomach about traveling upstate for Thanksgiving to finally meet the 2 people who created this amazing person that you fell head over heels for - The time is now. Not only are you meeting the parents (da da dunnnn) but the WHOLE family.


Are you ready? A gentle knock on the door leads to many warm smiling faces and the day swiftly moves forward. At the end, it wasn’t so bad, right? The dad was lovable, the mom reminds you a bit like your own - warm, welcoming and someone you just might be able to be friends with. Heck, even the brother in law was alright despite his loud voice and slightly inappropriate jokes.

As the evening winds down and the pumpkin pie plates as being walked to the kitchen, you both decide its time to call it a night.Bellies full, you walk hand in hand to their childhood room where so many dreams and stories were had.

Just as you start to get cozy under the flannel sheets and realize this really has been the most perfect day, they roll over and ask you the most serious question in the most lovingly casual way… "will you be mine, will you marry me"? Your head start whirling and you totally forget about the high dose of tryptophan corsing through your veins and your blurt out the words “YES”!

Amazing! What a weekend - now what?

I am here to guide you through the next steps of the rest of your life (sort of)...

The following are some steps to help ease the exitment and potential aniexty.