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What does it take to create a food based experience that engages guests at your table and that they will remember for the rest of their lives? This is a question that I ask myself time and time again.

As Heirloom Fire grows and evolves, we are always thinking of ways that extend the experience past just the “farm to table” movement and locally sourced food. As I tell potential clients when we speak, its about more than just the food - but rather an overall captivating experience. I want my couples to walk away with a moment in time that was like nothing else they had experienced with stories and visuals that friends and family members will tell remember and talk about for years.

Beyond weddings and special events, I had always wanted to bring this experience to people that may not be able to attend a wedding that we curate. Last August, Heirloom Fire worked in collaboration with Magdalena Events to put together an evening in the 100 acre growing field at Taft Farms (a family owned farm in The Berkshires). We poured all of our love and experience up to that point into this gathering. The dinner was a huge success, a night that any guest will tell you that they won’t soon forget.

Reeling off of the success and magic of that dinner, I knew that I wanted to make this event an annual affair, a moving feast that took place at different significant places in the Berkshires every year.

July 30th 2016, I am thrilled to say that Heirloom Fire and Magdalena Events will be developing another intimate evening at Mill River Farm in Mill River, MA.

A huge element that I am excited about is being able to bring the plate and food together. Yes, we will be sourcing as much food as we can from the farm, feet from where you will eating, but how can we push it to the next level?

Hand crafted dining ware by very, very talented local potters is how.

Inspired by the region’s rich agricultural history, its verdant landscape and the vibrant food culture of the Berkshires, potters Stephanie Boyd, Suzy Konecky, Amrita Lash, Jackie Sedlock and Sandra Thomas will loan dinner plates, serving bowls and platters to the dinner experience.

Special events in the berkshires

I, along with Magdalena, am very excited to share this experience with you and hope you can join us at the dinner table.

Take a seat HERE.

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