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Wedding in The Winter?

There is something very magical about the falling of the first few flakes of snow in December. Thoughts of spending time with friends and family, feasting on roasts and cookies and dreams of Christmas day are fresh in the air. I love the winter because of all of these things.

When we get a snow storm in March (typical weather in The Berkshires) after having a few weeks of 60 degree weather, you can choose to be bummed or you can choose to use it as an opportunity to have some fun with close friends.

We chose the latter.

Magdalena of Magdalena Events and Design had a grand idea - let's creat an intimate outdoor wedding amidst the freshly fallen 2 feet of powdery snow, How could I not want in on that?

Magdalena contacted Elaina Mortali of Elaina Mortali Photography to capture what she had envisioned. Magdalena and Elaina cast Stylist Chelsea Brown and her husband, Joe (also a stylist) of Michelles Salon + Day Spa to play the part of our loving couple and well... I'll leave the rest for you to discover.

Heirloom Fire Wedding Caterer new england Magdalena Events Elaina Mortali Photography

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