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Love Is Not Cancelled

There is something so special about an intimate ceremony. A time where you can focus on just each other, and what has brought you to that moment to stand before each other, and commit to a forever of memories to share. Following the ceremony, we always like to have a small tray of nibbles and some cocktails waiting for our couples so they can share just a few minutes together after the ceremony, to enjoy one another, before they share the rest of the day with all those they hold dear. Nowadays, those that we hold dear, a just a little bit farther away, and sometimes, on the other side of a screen. With virtual meetings and working from home still taking hold, we are looking to find new ways to celebrate. Have your big, beautiful party as you originally envisioned next year, when the world has calmed down, but for now, you can celebrate in a totally unique way.

We aren’t saying to change your dream of your perfect wedding, we are suggesting you add to it. Love is not cancelled,  it is simply reformatted to fit a smaller screen.

Imagine, an intimate ceremony, in the middle of a field, or tucked away in the forest, then afterwards, a blissful walk hand in hand to your wedding feast. (One of the most important parts in our humble opinion.) A table for two (or a few more) awaits. 

A small gathering of your closest friends on one of the most important nights of your lives.

Micro-weddings allow us to craft a truly unique experience in places that might not be possible on a larger scale. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Magdalena Events & Design and Elaina Mortali Photography to produce a collection of beautifully intimate Micro-Weddings. For Packages and more info click here .

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