Memory Lane

Ah, Memories.

Time. A lot of us have an abundance of it these days. This extra time has allowed me to slow down a bit, relax my mind, and spend some time on those things that at home, I normally do not have time for. When I smell a loaf of freshly baked bread, I am reminded that sight, sound, taste, touch all carry powerful magic to transport us head first into a specific memory from our lives.

With this extra time I have been able to get my hands back into my home sourdough bread baking. I fell in love with it years ago, but because of my "busy life" I chose to hit the pause button on baking. The process is fascinating and the skill is something that is invaluable.

I am really loving seeing people clammer to get their hands on a sourdough starter, and posting pictures of their freshly baked loaves straight from the oven.