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Memory Lane

Ah, Memories.

Time. A lot of us have an abundance of it these days. This extra time has allowed me to slow down a bit, relax my mind, and spend some time on those things that at home, I normally do not have time for. When I smell a loaf of freshly baked bread, I am reminded that sight, sound, taste, touch all carry powerful magic to transport us head first into a specific memory from our lives.

With this extra time I have been able to get my hands back into my home sourdough bread baking. I fell in love with it years ago, but because of my "busy life" I chose to hit the pause button on baking. The process is fascinating and the skill is something that is invaluable.

I am really loving seeing people clammer to get their hands on a sourdough starter, and posting pictures of their freshly baked loaves straight from the oven.

While smelling my sourdough starter in its current stage, I was reminded of an experience that will forever be linked to all things sourdough (all things bread related really), and I wanted to share with you the day that I was lucky enough to spend time with Martha and talk about the art of sourdough.

So, come with me and take a walk down memory lane with me by clicking this link . Just please - 6 feet away.

Another link I wanted to share with all of you folks that are learning the art of sourdough bread baking, is The Tartine Country Loaf recipe. This is widely considered to be the holy grail as far as the standard in sourdough bread baking. If you do not currently own the Tartine Bread book do yourself a favor a grab it; it's a work of art.

This was just a quick note for today, but just wanted to share some of the inspiration that I had found. Happy Baking!

If you found this post helpful and decide to bake some bread, please tag me @heirloomfire in your social media posts - I would love to see your work!


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