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Put The Pesticides Down

The spring is finally here.

With warmer weather and powerful showers means lots of new growth in your yard, some wanted, some not wanted.

Right now, you may be seeing a bunch of green patches popping up that look a lot like this. Pictured above is Garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata), a biennial herb from Eurasia, is considered to be one of the most invasive plants in forested areas of the Northeast and Midwest. The roots of this herb release chemicals that alter the important underground network of fungi that connect nutrients between native plants, inhibiting the growth of important species like trees. It is very common, when visiting nature trails or conservancies, to signs (similar to that of the old west wanted posters) of this plant asking folks to pull it out if they see it. Being one of the more hearty invasive species, there is not sign of Garlic Mustard going anywhere anytime soon.

The good news?

The entire plant is edible is almost all of its life cycle.

Below is a relaxing AMSR style video we produced during the beginning of the pandemic. Check it out and then hit your ultra local market in your front yard to enjoy whats growing this time of the year. More videos to come about this specific plant.

Lastly, There are still some seats available for "Family Table" this coming weekend. Join us!

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