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Preserved Knotweed Shoots Harvested from the notoriously invasive knotweed plant, these shoots are known for their rapid growth and resilience, often overtaking gardens and landscapes with ease. But don't let their invasive nature fool you; these tender shoots are transformed into a scrumptious treat through our preservation process. Bursting with a unique, rich earthy flavor and a hint of tanginess, our Preserved Knotweed Shoots are perfect for adding a touch of gourmet intrigue to your salads, stir-fries, or simply enjoyed as a savory snack. Experience the delicious irony of indulging in the very plant that once threatened your garden, if you cant beat it - eat it! 

Preserved Knotweed Shoots

  • Use as you would jarred artichoke hearts. 

    Great with Asparagus, Pasta, or straight out of the jar. 

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