Summer Farm Supper

Supporting local farms has been something that has become increasingly popular as the years pass, which is funny considering it wasnt always a choice, it's just what had to be done.

Today, we live in a world where (for the most part) we can satisfy our craving for just about any food regardless of the season or the distance. However, I don’t know if satisfy is the correct term here. Tell me, when was the last time you sawed into a tomato with its pale, light pink colored flesh while watching the snow fall in December, took a crunchy bite and thought “wow, this tastes delicious”? Most likely never. If I want crunchy water, I will just go outside and collect some of that fallen snow.

On August 29th, in the fields of Taft Farms, Heirloom Fire will prepare a 5 course, plated dinner with the seasons best food coming directly from those exact fields; and I could not be more thrilled, and this is why…

I have had the exhaustive pleasure to spend this summer season working in the fields of Taft Farms. I have always been the kind of person to really investigate something that peaks my interest and what better way than to get my hands in the dirt. Each morning, regardless of the weather or heat, I have spent several hours in various rows of different crops surrounded by beautiful mountains and listening in on much of the wild lives conversation and let me tell you…beautiful. When you’ve spent an hour bent over picking cucumbers, crawling on all fours collecting strawberries or working your way through shoulder height rows of corn snapping endless ears of off the stalks, it truly is magnificent to stand up and see what is right in front of you. This is something I would like to share with you. I can imagine you can liken these tasks to some of your daily routine.

The night will start with your arrival at the farm. You will make your way to the blueberry and rhubarb fields. A welcome beverage made from those 2 crops will greet you along with the small family of farm animals, Elvira the Alpacha and Penelope the pig to just name a few.

The hay wagon will arrive shortly and begin ferrying guests down to the main field though people are most welcome to take in the beautiful summer night and walk down. Upon entering the field, you will start to see plumes of smoke and perhaps a faint smell of smoke, roasting meats and vegetables in the air. Making your way past several beautiful rows of flowers and vegetables, you will reach the open air kitchen of Heirloom Fire where the cocktail area will take place around the hearth, as in the days of old. My team will be putting together a seasonal cocktail inspired by the evening for you to sip on as your wander the fields and kitchen.

I have conceptualized Heirloom Fire to be incredibly visual, constantly moving, hissing, billowing and roaring. As you see what I am describing for yourself in person, you will be surrounded by all of the courses as they are being drawn together as you enjoy hand crafted charcuterie, local cheeses from some of the best dairies in the area, pickled vegetables from the farm and other small tastes.