The Reason Why.

Happy New Year to everyone.

With the New Year comes a new season of spectacular weddings, amazing couples, and hot, heavy steel.

Another thing that comes is a question I ask myself immediately following a wedding or event.

Why in the world do I do this?

I awake typically at 6 am. Its Sunday; all is calm. My mind tells my legs to swing over to the edge of the bed - my legs say no. After some coaxing and sweet talk, my legs give in to the sweet promise of hot coffee. As I slowly rise to my feet, the rest of the pains start popping like synapses all over my body. I utter the same phrase I always do every Sunday morning in the height of the season “I must have gotten ran over by a truck in my sleep last night”.

I get up and start the day - the week over again.

Few people really know what goes into preparing and planning a wedding or other special event. This is something Heirloom Fire and I take very seriously. I know how many hours you have logged into Pinterest, how many dress details you have torn apart to narrow it down to just one. That’s why from the moment your fingers hit the keys to draft me an email or to give me a call, I can’t wait to respond, no matter how groggy I may be.

This is the biggest day of your life and I am so incredibly flattered that you would be considering me to be such a major part of it. This means so much to me and that is why we take a huge amount of care in preparing every detail.

The initial communication starts with either an email or a phone call as we begin the journey and explore how we can best work together. At this point during our conversation, I sharpen my pencils and adjust my color palate and do my best to paint an articulate description as I walk you, by the hand, through what an Heirloom Fire experience looks like.

The next steps are coming to see the location you have chosen as the foundation for the celebration of your marriage. I love to see people happy and usually at this time I get a healthy dose of that. I have a fond memory of a soon to be bride running up and down a hill admiring the view of a specific large oak tree where her and her groom were to be wed. Panting after running up and down the hill, a smile painted from cheek to cheek and then decidedly exclaiming “this is the spot”! - I love that.

We will find an area suitable for our kitchen and I will be begin to go into detail as the picture becomes clear in my head of how it was be designed, describing the visuals, the smells, the sounds and your guest reactions.