What We Did

I am sure that most of us have dreamed about escaping from a crazy week to a small cabin or cottage (some of us may actually have one or the other). Growing up in The Berkshires, one always hears stories about the famed “Berkshire Cottages”. For those of you who don’t know what the cottages were/are, they are far from a shack in the woods.

A brief history…

During America’s Gilded Age (1865 to 1901) saw unprecedented economic and industrial prosperity. The result of this prosperity meant that the nation's wealthiest families were able to construct the “Cottages” (estates) in Newport, Rhode Island, Bar Harbor, Maine and The Berkshires in Massachusetts.

Sadly, in the wake of The Great Depression, many of these multiple family homes fell into disrepair as many wealthy families lost their fortunes.

One of these homes was Ventfort Hall. Built in 1893 for George and Sarah Morgan, sister of J. P. Morgan, Ventfort was slated to be demolished and replaced with a nursing home. In 1997 it was rescued by The Ventfort Hall Association (a nonprofit) and has been undergoing extensive restoration.

Heirloom Fire had the incredibly pleasure of working with a team of Berkshire professionals to create a styled photoshoot that captured some of the period magic that Ventfort perfectly embodies.

Magdalena of Magdalena Events and Design