Trust Issue

Millerton NY

Here we are - a new year, a new wedding season!

The time will not be long before we are loading our steel, starting our fires and cooking our hearts out for our lovely brides and grooms.

Whether you are looking at securing a venue, planning a wedding for this year or next; Here are a few pieces of information that have been coming up a lot lately.


Now, I am not going to lecture you on having trust with your chosen partner. However, I will be talking about trust with your chosen team (the industry term one would use here is “vendors” but honestly, how sterile is that!?).

Getting married just about takes a village - As you either know, or will soon learn while researching and experiencing all of the steps to get from the surprise of engagement to kissing and hugging your guests as they depart from the most beautiful day of your lives.

The mere fact that you would email or pick up the phone to call Heirloom Fire to cook for that special day is so flattering to me. We take this honor very seriously and treat our clients with the utmost care. This is the reason that we do not take more than 1 event per day because our clients absolutely deserve 100% of our undivided attention.

A topic that has came up this season is vendors being open and straightforward with their clients. In short, we initially start our conversation about Heirloom Fire catering your wedding, with a phone call. Following the call, we generate a proposal for you to view based on our services. We do not include alcohol or rentals (i.e. tables, chairs, glassware, flatware, etc.) because how can we quote you without knowing the style that you want? Seems reasonable, right?

Herein lies the problem. When you are researching the caterer that best fits your needs, there can be a bidding game on the caterers end. People need to pay the bills, but what can end of happening is caterers can lose sight of the importance of your wedd