Next Level Brussels Sprouts

Growing up I couldn’t stand Brussels Sprouts, though that being said, I don’t know a child who ever reminisced about their mothers Brussels. Not until the discovery of oven roasting could I truly appreciate the depth of flavor and sweetness these little cabbages could offer.. A few years back when the Tomahawk Steak first started to blow up, I began thinking about what other huge statement pieces I could grill. At the same time I was working on a farm for a season and when late summer rolled around I saw these tall, handsome stalks of Brussels Sprouts lined up and I thought, “This could be really. really good”. Simply put, yes, they are amazing. You have that intense, sweet brassica flavor but with an added depth of smoke and char.

Grilling whole Brussels on the stalk isn't only delicious and fun, but also very efficient. The stalks hold each sprout in place while they become deeply caramelized and keep them from rolling all over on the grill. When they are fully cooked, you carve them off of their stalk with like meat off a bone.

Brussels Sprouts on the stalk.

Wood grilled Brussels Sprouts over the fire.

Carving the Sprouts like meat from the bone.