It's Time to Stop Ducking Around

We know, we know! We all have that thought from time to time when trying a new recipe, or an ingredient we maybe haven’t cooked with before. That moment inevitably occurs when you are quite sure it is going to be a failure, and the thought passes through your mind like a freight train. “What was I thinking?” From that point, the recipe is either wildly successful or a complete disaster. We find that duck is one of those things that troubles many home cooks.

When preparing for an event, our ducks are cured whole in a dry brine for several days, the ducks are rinsed and hung to dry age for three weeks. After being trussed, they are slowly roasted around our hearth basket for four hours. While roasting, the fat is collected and later used while cooking potatoes. (They taste just as amazing as you are imagining, we promise.) When the ducks are ready, they are carved, and topped with a pan sauce.

This is obviously a bit labor intensive for the average Sunday dinner, so we thought we would start out by demystifying the duck.