The Only Time It Matters

It's spring here in The Berkshires and everything is surging with life! With the night time temperatures remaining very warm, it seems like each morning I wake to a whole new host of neighbors that have popped up in my yard in the form of wild foods. We have covered a ton of foraged foods lately on social media so with this post I wanted to focus on something that has been cultivated in my garden; the beautiful strawberry.

I have strong feelings on eating seasonally for many reasons, but the main one is flavor. My feelings are so strong that I won't touch certain items out of season with a ten foot pole. I mean come on, tomatoes in the middle of December? If I wanted crispy water I'd go outside and dig it out of the snowbank.

Spring is the only time it matters (from a flavor standpoint) to gorge yourself on strawberries; the one caveat being you either have to grow them or get them from a local farm. A quarter sized strawberry has 10 times the flavor of one of those fist sized California mutant clamshell berries. Now, of course, this is just my opinion but you know I am not wrong. The local berries are worth the wait and the clammer for few short week that they pay us a visit.

Desserts for our events are actually kept simple to really give the main ingredient the center stage to shine. We will prepare a few kinds of desserts but generally stick to the ones that people enthusiastically request - Fire Baked Cast Iron Skillet Cakes and Hot Dipped, Jam Filled Beignets. A while back I posted a picture on our social media about how excited I was for Strawberry season to be upon us and someone asked for the recipe from the picture, so here we are.

Another side not here is that we have the luck to have a wonderful local food distributor in our area by the name of Marty's Local. This gives us access to work with local flours and grains, all of the time. This recipe highlights