Will You Marry Me?

I have been to many a wedding, as you would imagine.

The feeling of magic, love and happiness is so real in the air that you can feel it throughout your body. That feeling is always there for me because we get to know each client, seeing them at their excited stage, nervous stage, shut down stage and finally their epically ecstatic stage. We literally watch and help make this rainbow effect of emotion happen. I love it, every time.

Something new to me that made the hair stand on its end was being present for an engagement. Being a part of the planning process you know its going to happen, you’re not sure when but even as I type this thinking back, I am getting goosebumps.

Almost one month from the target date a young man contacted us with this idea that he wanted to make a reality. He had seen me recently on the Martha Stewart show (blog to come soon!) and wanted to create a special, intimate dinner for two. His plan was to ask his girlfriend to join him in building a beautiful life together.

Music to my ears friends.

In addition to this excitement, we were able to put together something we always wanted to - a winter party. Magdalena of Magdalena Events and Design, Elaina Mortali and are always scheming and dreaming logistically challenging dinners to bring people something that have never experienced. (see last years winter shoot).

It is true, typically from May - November our season is at full tilt.

Winter is a bit of an untapped resource of immersive outdoor dining experiences - especially in the North East.

Since time was of the essence, and a location for something like this was going to a challenge unto itself,